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DJ stuff for sell. [21 Apr 2007|12:15pm]

I am getting ready to move and I can't take everything with me. Most of my stuff is going into storage and i am worried about my electronics getting damaged. I decided to sell them, instead of trying to battle with safe storage methods. This stuff must go. I'm moving sometime in the second week of May.

I'm selling the following:

A Behringer 4 channel mixer $115.00 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Behringer-DJX700-5Channel-Pro-DJ-Mixer-with-Digital-Effects-BPM-Counter?sku=631245

2 Brand New Gemini Speakers $40.00 (each) http://www.geminidj.com/gt1002.html

@ Gemini Turn tables $60.00 )each) http://www.ebdj.com/xcart/product.php?productid=21578&cat=251&bestseller

The speakers are new, never used. The rest of these items are in perfect condition.
Contact me if you're interested. splithabordrline@gmail.com
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Gathering for 30 April 2005 [25 Apr 2005|07:25pm]

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:: The Gathering for 30 April 2005 is almost here. If you haven't let us know you are looking to join us you don't have the address. ::

:: It is a BYOB, all ages event that is an invitation only event. ::

7pm for the Goth Gathering ~ A full & open Gathering that will include others from VCU will be held after, all are welcome to join both.

~ Note, if there is anyone who would like to take over the Meetup.com Richmond Goth group please let me know or it will be closed so that we don't get some silly-ass bill.

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[17 Apr 2005|04:36pm]

[ mood | Things to do........ ]

:: Welcome to the Richmond Goth Community. ::

:: This community is set up to take over for the Richmond Goth Meet-up. Please Join us here and there will be monthly Gatherings here and about in Richmond. The Gathering for 30th April 2005 is set and people have made note they will be joining this BYOB event. ::

:: Under the old group @ Meet-up.com people noted if they would come out or not, well please do comment under the posting for a gathering if you will be joining us for a Gathering so we can see who will is looking to show up.

   As with the old group, this community is open to anyone who would like to join us. The title is Goth Community but as Goth is such a lose term for a very open scene we will not be judging who's Goth enough or not and it will be come as you are. ::


:: So welcome, please join in and come out to the Gatherings. ::

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